Red Pig Productions

Our ongoing adventure started back in 2003 in Cracow. We’ve had the pleasure of working with many artists and companies, thanks to which we’ve gained all the necessary experience. We produce adverts, promo clips, music videos, podcasts, internet programs, coaching videos and much more. We specialize in comprehensive production process: giving ideas, writing screenplays, camerawork, editing and post production.


Long years of work in advertising as well as active participation in Cracow’s music scene have helped us to learn the key principles of valuable, original and interesting filmmaking. We attempt to create our own style, work methods and atmosphere during the production process. For quite some time now one of our main ambitions has been the development in terms of shooting, editing and the post production of music videos and short films. We immerse ourselves in any production that allows us to give free rein to our imagination and brings us the sheer pleasure of playing with images and moving pictures.

FX and Animation

One of our greatest strengths is the production of animated films and special effects. We devote these processes a lot of time and we constantly develop our skills in that area keeping up to date with the latest achievements and successes in the industry. Working on animated sequences we try to use all available techniques (and this includes the unconventional ones).


As part of our portfolio you can also find sophisticated photo sessions of many artists, companies and organizations. This included, studio and outdoor photography, reports, company images, live gig reports, industrial photography and automobile photo sessions. Our pictures were used in webpage designing, advertising, internet campaigns and corporate identities. We also specialize in photo retouching.